Thousands of Bottles

    We have mastered the art and science of scent and have shared our knowledge and guidance with thousands of guests at corporate events, weddings, bridal showers, bat-mitzvahs. sweet sixteens, and more.

    We believe in personalization and that each guest should leave not just with a gift, but an exceptional experience. We are constantly honing our craft and providing more innovative options for our clients.

    Eau de You

    Everyone has a fragrance or cologne at home, but most people have never created their own!

    More importantly, guests get to create this unique item from the highest quality ingredients.

    The Perfume & Cologne Bar started in luxury retail (sold at Sephora and Bloomingdales) and will always maintain the highest, finest, and purest raw ingredients.

    Service With a Smile

    Drop an inquiry on our website or ask a question at an event, our team is here to take care of you. All of our Stylists are well versed in the language and science of scent and more importantly in the language of service.

    We guarantee every guest has an exceptional experience, personal attention, and expert advice.

    From Sea to Shining Sea

    We have Stylists and distribution centers across North America and have successfully delivered our unique experience all over the world.

    We can be anywhere, from beaches to skiing and everything in between. We truly act as a partner, sharing our clients goals and successfully executing all of our events with minimal involvement to the planner.